• Abit EROL
    Abit EROL Chairman
  • Fırat EROL
    Fırat EROL Vice Chairman

    Electrical and Electronics Engineer

  • Fatih EROL
    Fatih EROL Vice Chairman
  • Leyla TANIŞ
    Leyla TANIŞ Accounting Manager
  • Murat KILINÇ
    Murat KILINÇ Sales Representative

    Computer Programmer

  • Süleyman MEN
    Süleyman MEN Quality Control Manager

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Servet ŞİMŞEK
    Servet ŞİMŞEK Manufacturing Manager

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Nilay GÜNEŞ
    Nilay GÜNEŞ Quality Control Specialist

    Mechanical Engineer

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