If natural gas is cooled at minus -162°C, it becomes liquid and more compact, occupying just 1/600th of its gaseous volume. This enables to transport high amount of natural gas at low pressures.

Natural gas includes ethane, propane and other heavy hydrocarbons.  Especially methane forms (%90). LNG is cleaner than natural gas because its cleaned from pollutants while being liquefied. Storage and transport of LNG is difficult. Heat exchange done with air is prevented by isolation. Although it is difficult to transport, it does not pollute the environment and saves the commercial side.

Semi-Trailers and Bobtail tankers are used for transportation operations from terminal to client’s storage. Ak Çelik Boru pay attention to transportation limits for Semi-Trailer and Bobtail tanks and produces with maximum capacity.

Ak Çelik Boru could manufacture horizontal and vertical LNG tanks with variable volume. Ak Çelik Boru could produce port side and on-site therefore logistic problems could be solved by this solutions.

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