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Since the amount of cargo that the Semi-Trailer can carry is a significant influence on the profitability, Ak Çelik Boru tries to do its utmost to provide the highest possible capacity to the customers without compromising vehicle safety and durability.

Ak Çelik Boru designs semi-trailers that have excellent wheel grip, low weight centering, lighter weight, shorter wheelbase and wider footprint. The cryogenic semi-trailer design, made with super multi-layer insulation and the gas that the customer wants to use, is the key to get the optimum design. This makes it possible for gas in semi-trailer tankers to be stored for longer periods of time without pressure. The investment to be made is due to the high-quality product, and it will return itself long ago.

Tanker filling can be done by pressure difference or by a centrifugal pump. The design and pump layout for the cupboard can be designed according to the technical specifications that our customers require and need. Ergonomic and durable design allows Ak Çelik Boru customers to work for years without maintenance. The simple piping layout on the Cryogenic Semi-Trailer reduces the risk of possible leakage to a minimum. We get our power from our flexibility to work closely with them to understand the needs of our customers and offer custom solutions.

Ak Çelik Boru has developed a range of solutions for the storage and transport of liquefied atmospheric and flammable gases. In order to meet your technical specifications, which are the most demanding and demanding features, we are ready to solve your every problem by preparing proposals, providing consulting services, providing precise engineering services and efficient designs in a short time.

As a result of the constant checks, we can guarantee a long service life and lasting high quality for every Ak Çelik Boru product. Reliability, safety, efficiency and robustness are extremely important in the production of a new product. The cryogenic Semi-Trailers we produce are delivered in a ready-to-go configuration with many standards-compliant and ADR certificates.

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