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LPG is a mixture of Butane and Propane gases. LPG is transported and stored in liquid form, under pressure and ambient temperature. LPG is consumed in gas phase. Flammable LPG is colorless and odourless in liquid form. Because of this LPG is aromatised with Ethyl Mercaptan or similar Sulfur compounds to detect gas leaks. Like other pressure vessels, cylindrical shape allows liquid gases to be safely transported and stored under pressure. The design pressure of the Ak Çelik Boru LPG Tanks are generally 17.5 Bar, the design temperature is -20°C / +50°C. Emergency drain valve, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, ex-proof pump system, liquid and phase level gauges, etc. could be found in LPG Tanks.


LPG storage tanks are used in several different kind of facilities. LPG storage tanks, Semi-Trailer tanks and Bobtail tanks are used in mass housing, tube facilities plants and storage plants.

Semi-Trailer and Bobtail tanks are used for distribution to customers using LPG. For instance; Autogas Stations.  Density of LPG is lower than many other gases thus the capacity of LPG Semi-Trailer and Bobtail tanks are higher than other tanks. Low total weight of chassis and tanker provides further increase of this advantage. Thus, unit transportation cost of  LPG is lower than the transportation cost of other gases in liquid form.

LPG storage tanks could be produced according to EN 13445, PED, AD2000-Merkblatter, ASME and other standards. Semi-Trailer and Bobtail LPG tanks could be produced according to ADR, TPED, EN 12252, EN 12493, ASME and other standards.

Ak Çelik Boru could produce special fabrication LPG tanks like other product types. Thereby, we could produce the products which completely meets the requirements to reach the solution that our clients expect.

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